A non-profit organisation for the study and the conservation of the marine environment

Tethys has contributed since 1986 to marine conservation, at national and international levels, through the provision of scientific knowledge.

The Institute has been investigating the ecology of marine species,

most notably whales and dolphins, in research campaigns involving paying volunteers,

that are among the earliest citizen science projects in the Mediterranean.

Join us at sea! Everyone can participate.



JOIN US  in Greece


IDP teams in Greece will be going on from June to September: please check out the new dates and fees for 2016. Also detailed info is already available.



JOIN US  in Italy

fin whaleCetacean Sanctuary Research teams in the northwestern Mediterranean will go on until September:  dates and fees for 2016 are on line. See also all detailed info.


Last minute offer

last minute offer-1Following teams have still a few places available at a special last-minute fee (20% off): in Greece IDP 11 (21st to 27th August, 680 Euro), and in Italy CSR 15 (22nd to 28th August, 709 Euro). If interested please send a mail as soon as possible to tethys@tethys.org or contact us

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Tethys turns 30

Tethys Research Institute 30 years logo

Read the highlights of Tethys’ activities in research, conservation and awareness, from 1986, under the menu “Activities“, or the special summary in ITALIANO

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A series of best pictures regarding Tethys' ongoing long term research projects conducted in the Mediterranean which you can join: CSR in the Pelagos Sanctuary, Ligurian Sea on board the RV "Pelagos", and IDP in the coastal waters of Greece.

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Highlights from the latest cruise: CSR 9 (July 11th – 17th )

21 July 2016

Despite the week started with very bad weather conditions and strong winds, participants of CSR 9 were able to spend many hours at sea and even to spend one night.. read more

Highlights from the latest cruise: CSR 8 (July 4th – 10th )

CSR 8 started with good weather and 4 exciting sightings of striped dolphin.   Loggerhead turtles are quite common within the Pelagos sanctuary and we already had the opportunity to.. read more

Highlights from the latest cruise: CSR 7 (June 27th – July 3rd)

4 July 2016

1. Great sightings of striped dolphins during this week: we spotted a few very active groups. 2. During our second day of sailing we met three different fin whale individuals… read more