A non-profit organisation for the study and the conservation of the marine environment

Tethys is conducting internationally qualified scientific research aimed at the conservation of whales and dolphins since 1986.

The institute has been promoting the first citizen science projects on Mediterranean

cetaceans and offers not just whale watching, but exciting field courses for paying volunteers

wishing to help researchers at sea.

Last minute offer!

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PLEASE NOTE:  In Greece  teams IDP_14 (August 10th – 14th), and in the Ligurian Sea CSR_13  (July 28th to August 3rd),  have still a few spaces available at a special last-minute fee (20% off ). If interested please send a mail as soon as possible to tethys@tethys.org   Read more IDP →


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Two projects available  new

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In addition to the CSR research cruises in the Ligurian Sea, this year the second project, the IDP, located in Greece and ongoing since 1991, is again open to participants directly through Tethys, too.

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Updates on CSR cruises

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Check out, every week, the new pics and the latest news about our teams of participants and researchers on board of “Pelagos” cruising in the northwestern Mediterranean. Follow #mediterraneanwhales (Ligurian Sea), #mediterraneandolphins (Greece) and #CSRstory or #IDPstory  about the teams in the field. Blog→

An expedition as a gift

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Offer a week among whales and dolphins to someone you love. The lucky ones receiving the present will be able to freely choose their dates and their destination (Greece or Ligurian Sea)

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Tethys' Projects

A series of best pictures regarding Tethys' ongoing long term research projects conducted in the Mediterranean which you can join: CSR in the Pelagos Sanctuary, Ligurian Sea on board the RV "Pelagos", and IDP in the coastal waters of Greece.

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Tethys' Blog

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News from the latest cruise: CSR 11 (July 14th – 20th)

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014

The experience of this week was wonderful … almost beyond words! Hard to believe, we had about 30 sightings in the course of the Cruise CSR 11. The week started.. read more

Monk seal wrestling with octopus: extraordinary pics from Greece

From the bustling colonies of ancient times to the present day, Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus populations have been reduced to sad remnants of their once lively past. The species is currently.. read more

An extraordinary sighting of leaping mediterranean manta rays

Thursday July 17th, 2014

It was the first time, in the 25 years of researching and monitoring that Tethys Research Institute  has carried out in the Ligurian Sea, at the heart of the Pelagos.. read more