A non-profit organisation for the study and the conservation of the marine environment

Tethys has contributed since 1986 to marine conservation, at national and international levels, through the provision of scientific knowledge.

The Institute has been investigating the ecology of marine species,

most notably whales and dolphins, in research campaigns involving paying volunteers,

that are among the earliest citizen science projects in the Mediterranean.

Join us at sea! Everyone can participate.



JOIN US  in Greece


IDP teams in Greece will be going on until the end of September: please check out the dates and fees for 2016. For those interested in participating all detailed info is available.



JOIN US  in Italy

fin whaleCetacean Sanctuary Research teams in the northwestern Mediterranean will go on until September:  dates and fees for 2016 are on line. Cruises start every monday from Sanremo. See also all detailed info.


Last minute offers

last minute offer-1There are no last minute offers at the moment. Shifts in Italy and in Greece will be resumed May 2017.

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Tethys turns 30

Tethys Research Institute 30 years logo

Read the highlights of Tethys’ activities in research, conservation and awareness, from 1986, under the menu “Activities“, or the special summary in ITALIANO

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A series of best pictures regarding Tethys' ongoing long term research projects conducted in the Mediterranean which you can join: CSR in the Pelagos Sanctuary, Ligurian Sea on board the RV "Pelagos", and IDP in the coastal waters of Greece.

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Highlights from CSR 19 (September 19th – 24th)

26 September 2016

Bottlenose dolphins waiting for Pelagos just a few meters out on the harbour of Portosole. Not too bad at all as the start of the week. An adult sperm whale.. read more

Highlights from CSR 18 (September 12th – 18th)

19 September 2016

“Paparazzi” on the high seas. Participants shooting pictures of the first sperm whale of this week. A few shy striped dolphins, Stenella coeruleoalba, nearby the boat “Pelagos”. And, finally, two magnificent.. read more

Highlights from CSR 17 (September 5th – 10th)

13 September 2016

Crazy traffic – You never know what you will see after leaving the harbour… Striped dolphins feeding nearby the surface and showing off with their acrobatic jumps. Some of the.. read more