A non-profit organisation for the study and the conservation of the marine environment

Tethys has contributed since 1986 to marine conservation, at national and international levels, through the provision of scientific knowledge.

The Institute has been investigating the ecology of marine species,

most notably whales and dolphins, in research campaigns involving paying volunteers,

that are among the earliest citizen science projects in the Mediterranean.

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Althought this year’s field season is over, updates and news about marine mammals, their conservation and the research are regularly published on our Facebook page. A summary of the 2015 activities will be posted soon. 



Befriend a sperm whale

coda capodoglio


It’s a great present to someone you love – and you’ll support research and conservation of cetaceans. Choose between one of the sperm whales of the Sanctuary.


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Fin whales migrating



For the first time satellite tracking reveals north-south whale highway across the Mediterranean, intersecting one of the world’s busiest ship lanes


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Not just dolphins…

monk-seal-greeceMonk seals, a very rare species in the Mediterranean, have been sighted during the first survey in the inner Ionian Sea Archipelago in Greece – and not only one, but three of them!


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A series of best pictures regarding Tethys' ongoing long term research projects conducted in the Mediterranean which you can join: CSR in the Pelagos Sanctuary, Ligurian Sea on board the RV "Pelagos", and IDP in the coastal waters of Greece.

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(Italiano) Il “Parmurelu d’oru” di Bordighera a Sabina Airoldi

Wednesday October 21st, 2015

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Which one was the most frequently sighted species in the Sanctuary?

Wednesday October 7th, 2015

The Cetaceans Sanctuary Research (CSR) Field Season 2015 is officially closed!  It has been a very succesfull season, with 240 sightings collected in over 4 months of intensive summer ship-based.. read more

News from the latest (and last) cruise: CSR 15 (September 14th – 19th)

Sunday September 20th, 2015

The last week of the CSR season has started with a nice group of striped dolphins with calves and newborns. Due to bad weather conditions on Friday Pelagos couldn’t leave the.. read more