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What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science for whales and dolphins

Everyone can contribute to ensure cetaceans’ survival in the wild. And it’s fun, too


Citizen Science” is a new way to conceive science that is increasingly popular in many fields. It means that amateur or non-specialised people participate in scientific research; a concept that is yielding results in many branches, from astronomy to biochemistry.

Tethys has banked on public involvement since its establishment, by inviting the public to assist the researchers in their fieldwork. However, unlike most other citizen science projects, which require volunteers to input data independently over the Internet, Tethys involves its volunteers a great deal. No previous experience is requested. They join an expert team of researchers aboard our dedicated research platform “Pelagos” or at the basis in the village of Vonitsa, and enjoy close encounters with whales and dolphins.

In almost 30 years of Tethys’ activity, thousands of non-specialist volunteers from around the world have sponsored research on marine mammals and have helped obtain crucial data.

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