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An expedition as a present

Offer a week among whales and dolphins

The lucky ones receiving this present will be able to choose freely their participation dates and their destination



Make the most sensational and unexpected gift to a nature-loving person, who may be willing to contribute to the protection of marine mammals in the Mediterranean: get a place on board the motorsailer “Pelagos” engaged in whales and dolphins research in the Ligurian Sea or join us in Vonitsa to study dolphins in the beautiful setting of Ionian Greece.

You make a down payment; we will send you a voucher personalized with the recipient’s and the purchaser’s names. The lucky person who receives the gift can then make a booking for the period he/she prefers – from May to September (upon availability).

The voucher costs 450 Euro, and constitutes a down payment for the expedition. The due balance will then be paid before the expedition starts (see policy below).

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It will be a truly unforgettable gift!


See dates and fees:

IDP Ionian Dolphin Project (Greece)

CSR Cetacean Sanctuary Research (Italy)

Download detailed information:

IDP    Ionian Dolphin Project

CSR Cetacean Sanctuary Research

BUY A GIFT VOUCHER  by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

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IDP (Greece)

CSR (Italy)



The voucher corresponds to an advance payment of 450€ for participation in the Cetacean Sanctuary Research (CSR) in the Ligurian Sea, Italy, or in the Ionian Dolphin Project ( IDP) in western Greece.  The recipient of the voucher must book his/her participation in one of the two projects by contacting Tethys’ office; by then you will have to follow the instructions that regulate normal bookings (see booking form). The balance of the fee must be paid 30 days before departure date. If necessary, it is possible to change the beneficiary of the voucher by agreeing with Tethys before the reservation takes place. If for some unforeseen reason the voucher was not used during the 2015 season, it will be equally valid for the subsequent, 2016. Its validity will expire by December 31, 2016; in that case, the amount paid for the voucher will be returned, with a deduction of 40€ to cover administrative costs.