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“Watching wild dolphins was my dream. I want to study more and more about marine environment now”

Participants’ reviews and comments to dolphin expeditions in Greece



Vonitsa and it’s dolphins have been all I expected plus more.  Seeing the animals in their natural habitat was wonderful.   Niki (USA)

I had a great time in Vonitsa: I love this quaint, Mediterranean town and the valuable research that Tethys conducts.  I chose this research expedition to explore a new country and to gain practical experience in marine biology – mission accomplished! Adrian (USA)

Watching wild dolphins was my long-time dream. This was an eye-opening experience. I want to study more and more about dolphins and marine environment now. Emi (Japan)

The town, the people, the animals, the adventures, and the new family I made over the past week have imprinted upon me something that I cannot express. This was a life changing experience. Sam (UK)

Thank you so much for introducing me to the wonders of the Seas. Our oceans are a part of our planet that until recently I have had little time to explore. Your project has not only educated me on the issues in this breathtaking region but also on serious conservation issues worldwide. I will always be grateful for this. Vivian (Canada)

I have come to Greece to learn about dolphins and about our past connected to this historic land. I feel I will leave this country feeling a sense of ownership for the intertwined nature of our world- people, animals and ideas- in a way that I never would have imagined. Trude (USA)


My expectations for this project were high, but it has exceeded them by miles! While I thought we would be allowed to help with the research, I never believed I would be as involved as we have been in data collection. I felt I was truly contributing to the research that will hopefully help to protect these beautiful animals. Fran (UK)

This is something I have wanted to do for years and in finally plucking up the courage to go for it, I leave with far more than some pretty photos, a sun tan and a tick in a box! I leave with an appreciation of the delicate between a species and their environment, and between mankind’s economic agendas and the impact of these on fragile ecosystems. Nina (UK)

The experience was so educational and informative!   What a wonderful opportunity to visit a veritable paradise, meet interestig people, learn, and do good work. Giovanni (Italy)

Learning about dolphins has been not just educational, but exciting! While I am not a scientist and have limited skills, it is a good feeling to be able to contribute to scient
ific research in some way. I hope many others have an experience as fulfilling as mine. Glenda (USA)

Not only did we get a good insight into the daily work of a marine researcher. We also got the privilege to be touched by the passion of the true heroes of Tethys, one of the organizations that stand between us and the total collapse of sea life. Jonas (Sweden)


Thank you for a truely remarkable experience. We have seen lots of dolphins doing amazing things. I would like to thank the IDP personnel for making this such a positive learning experience. It has re-charged my batteries and my students back home will greatly benefir from it also. Mark (Germany)

My week with the IDP was an incredible experience – much better than expected and definitely far beyond my wildest dreams. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity of being part of this great project. Aylin (Switzerland)

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