A non-profit organisation for the study and the conservation of the marine environment

Awareness and education


A fundamental aspect of Tethys’ contribution to marine conservation is public awareness, achieved through the institute’s presence:

on several social media: Facebook pages  (a main page of the Institute, a page dedicated to the IDP Project, one for students of  italian universities, and one for international  students), a page on TwitterYouTubeVimeo and a blog which is updated with news on a regular basis ;

on public television (Rai, Mediaset and local TVs)

Tethys people authored hundreds of popular science articles on newspapers and magazines, and give talks and lectures on a regular basis. Several popular articles about Tethys are published every year.

Printed newsletters have been published by the institute: “Cetacea News” (1991-92), “Blowhole” (1994); emailed newletters were “Tethys News” (2002 – 2004) and “Tethys” (2013 – ongoing).

Tethys is collaborating with several natural history museums (Milano, Venezia, Imperia)

Most important is the direct involvement in the field (between 1988 and 2015) of over 6000 people, as research volunteers, from across the world (Italy, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece, Monaco, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam). Tethys’ two long-term research projects (CSR and IDP) are amongst the world’s longest standing programmes of citizen science.

Presentations are organized on a regular basis by both projects to inform the local communities about the work done by Tethys and raise awareness about marine mammals and marine conservation. Such activities, whenever possible, are organised in collaboration with local authorities, schools and NGOs.

Tethys has also organised a series of capacity building initiatives aimed to develop expertise on cetacean research and conservation, and encourage collaboration among researchers and institutes working in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. In the IDP and CSR training courses alternated theoretical seminars with field data collection and practical experiences at sea. Participants were asked to engage in report writing, abstract writing, and preliminary data analysis. Practical work such as photo-identification at sea, matching, and behavioural data collection was included.

Members of Tethys authored or translated several popular science books:

Jahoda M. 2009. Squali da salvare. Cinehollywood

Jahoda M. 2008. Translation from English to Italian of the book The Whale Warriors by Peter Heller. I guerrieri delle balene, la battaglia per salvare I più grandi mammiferi della Terra, Corbaccio, Milano 336 pp.

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